Minister GÜL: Mediation reduced judiciary's caseload of 5 thousand files

Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül made evaluations on the agenda in Channel 7 (Kanal 7) television program.

Minister Gül stated that the implementation of compulsory mediation in the employer- employee claims which was launched as of  01 January has started to reduce the workload of the judiciary, and continued: "The monthly success rate of the implementation is about 70 percent, that is, seventy of one hundred persons resorted to the mediator agreed without filing a case. If there weren't such agreements, there would be 5 thousand incoming files to the courts. Thanks to the implementation, 5 thousand files are removed without entering into the system."

Gül stated that they aim to extend the scope of the mediation practice. He noted that the obligation to resort to mediation before the trial is being worked on also for the disputes between the citizens and the state as well as the disputes of state institutions between each other.

Minister Gül also pointed out the developments in Turkey and the judicial agenda, and said the Operation Olive Branch in Afrin region of Syria carried out by Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) continues successfully as planned.


Minister of Justice Gül reminded that about four thousand judges and prosecutors who were FETÖ members are dismissed after the coup attempt, and new judges and prosecutors are recruited to enable the functioning of the judiciary.

Minister Gül said, "We are normalizing day by day. About four thousand judges and prosecutors are included in the system after 15 July. At the end of this month, we will again cast lots for 1300 judges and prosecutors. Moreover, we will recruit about 4 thousand judges and prosecutors into the system this year. As of end of this year, we will normalize the need for judges and prosecutors, and return to our routine in this regard. "


Noting that the cases related to FETÖ's coup attempt continued to be tried quickly, Gül gave the following information:

"As of today, the number of detainees and convicts of FETÖ is 38 thousand 470 persons. The number of detainees who actively participated in the coup attempt is 4 thousand 170 persons. 480 people are acquitted. 5 thousand 704 persons are convicted. Of those detainees, 7 thousand 512 are soldiers, one thousand 141 are judges and prosecutors, and 8 thousand 250 are members of law enforcement. They are being tried within the scope of law. They are being punished if guilty or they are acquitted, detained or remanded  if they are not guilty. These are decided by courts."

Gül reminded that 123 new courts have been established for the acceleration of the coup attempt cases since 15 July, and said that the necessary steps have been taken in order to get those cases out of the country's and nation's agenda as of this year.


Concerning the removal of the postponement of bankruptcy included in reform package which have 93 articles towards improving the investment environment, Gül emphasized that law and commerce are intertwined concepts. Gül said that investment credibility increases when there is judicial reliability.

Recalling that a bankrupt company resorts to bankruptcy postponement, Gül said that bankruptcy postponement will be removed and the company will be kept up standing while it is still solvent.

Minister of Justice Gül said, "The company will say, 'If we do not take measures, I cannot pay my debts in 2 years' time, I cannot make new investments.' So they will promptly resort to the court. And the court will provide them to come together with the creditors and allow them to prepare a roadmap. In other words, it's a model for preventing going bankrupt instead of being insolvent or bankrupt. It is really a model of saving from bankruptcy."

Stating that electronic notification system will be started, Gül said that "A message will come to your mobile phone as 'There is a notification for you', the e-mail addresses will be given to the companies. This is not for the citizens. Citizens may be involved in the system if they demand so. We are aiming to make the 28 million notifications through e-notification."


Emphasizing that over 10 million files come before judges and prosecutors throughout Turkey in one year, Gül noted that wrong decisions may be given due to such a heavy caseload, therefore giving wrong decisions in 10, 100 or 500 files should not implicate all the judiciary. 




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